How Much Do Ukrainian Brides Cost For Foreigners?

by Deborrah Cooper
Ukrainian brides price

Why should you check a Ukrainian brides price before starting seeking her? Well, your financial capacity means a lot when you’re looking for a potential partner from another country. Let’s imagine you know everything about Ukrainian brides and, finally, want to get one. Then you need advice on how to find a Ukrainian wife and also how much she costs. The answer to this question depends on what country you live in, a dating site you use, traveling expenses, and other factors. But what’s the difference? Keep on reading to find out a Ukrainian mail order brides cost and prepare your wallet.

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Ukraine mail order brides prices by region

Every year, a non-married resident of an economically developed country spends on average about 12 thousand dollars on dates and related products. Many men want to reach the most beautiful women, so they start searching for girls from Ukraine. They’re like a magnet for foreigners who dream of a cozy family nest and a stunning wife. Ladies from different regions of the country look for love virtually. Popular cities to find Ukrainian brides are Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro–there are actually a lot of them, and the prices are almost equal.
Let’s discuss how much it costs to get a local woman for men from different countries.


What is a Ukrainian brides price? For a resident of America, the whole process, along with getting to know and moving the spouse to his country, will cost at least $7,000. This amount can go up to $15,000 but it can be even more, depending on how exactly you’ll look for a woman. Some professional sites can charge up to $30,000 for an all-inclusive bride (but she must be really a jewel and manually searched for a high-society suitor by a team of people).

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides Cost


How much do Ukrainian brides cost for Europeans? The price is lower–it varies depending on how far you live. You won’t spend so much money on virtual communication. Before the wedding, on average 3-5 dates will be enough for you to know each other. If your goal is to save some cash, you can organize a wedding in Ukraine. In Europe, the ceremony will cost at least $15,000 but in Ukraine–about $3,000 would be enough for the same-size celebration.


Since Australia is far from Ukraine, you can’t visit your girlfriend too often. So, prepare to spend money on a dating platform. Prices may vary depending on the package you’ll choose. The total sum may be $30-$50 per month. The answer to the question of how much does it cost to get a Ukraine wife may be different due to your dating habits. If you like to charm girls with gifts and flowers, you can order delivery. Many local stores take money only for products you buy in case your purchase reaches a specific sum. A bouquet price starts at around $15, while a toy is somewhere between $10-$20.

Ukrainian brides cost expense list

So, what is included in Ukrainian brides for sale price? Once you’ve found her on a dating site, you’ll have to take into account these charges:

How much do Ukrainian brides cost
  • Visa. Perhaps, this is the largest item of expenses in a Ukraine mail order bride cost, as it’s related to documents, which are often very tough. For example, a visa to Australia can cost around $7,000, but this is the most expensive option on the list. The American embassy charges $800.
  • Journey. The cost of tickets is more expensive for residents of America and Australia, but Europeans can get to the future bride by car, train, ship, or bus, not necessarily by plane. For example, the price of tickets from New York to Kyiv is around $600, from Sidney–$1,500. Remember that mail order brides from other Ukrainian cities may differ by cost but not too much.
  • A personal meeting. A date, of course, will be quite expensive. Your accommodation, flowers, and gifts, going to a restaurant or a movie–all this will cost some. In Ukraine, it’s not customary to split the bill, so you’ll pay for your future bride in any case. A couple of weeks spent with Ukrainian brides will cost about $1,000 at least. But it’ll depend on the classiness of your hotel, which can take $50-$100 for 1 night only.
  • Wedding. As it was mentioned above, to celebrate the big day in Ukraine is about 10-20 times cheaper than in America but it’s always up to you. Remember also that it’ll be necessary to invite friends and relatives. You’ll have to book the flight for them to your country and back, as well as hotel accommodation and other things, so it can be expensive.

It’s worth remembering that online communication is also not entirely free. Ukrainian brides sale price includes a membership on a dating site, messages, and virtual gifts. Before starting this process, study the market. Perhaps, in your case, reaching the selection of a mail order bride will be more humble–this service may cost up to $5,000 in total.

Why should you prefer paid Ukrainian mail order bride sites to free ones?

Ukrainian brides price

A question how much does a Ukrainian wife cost won’t disturb you anymore. But why should you pay for getting a woman from this country? Can’t you just use a free dating site to meet her? The truth is that fee-based platforms give you more benefits, and here they’re:

  • A specific audience. Paid websites specialize in one category of women–they all live in Ukraine. The best platforms offer you access to thousands of the most beautiful girls.
  • Premium search tools. Mail order brides Ukrainian prices include a variety of features you get after paying for a membership. You can use different filters to find women with qualities you strive to identify in your future partner.
  • Advanced communication options. Video calls, chat rooms, voice messages, stickers, and virtual gifts make online dating entertaining, yet productive.
  • Safety guarantee. The best paid dating platforms have 24/7 customer support, an effective data protection system, and reliable payment methods. Besides, these services publish tips for finding a partner and recommendations on avoiding scams. Newcomers are verified so that website members won’t be cheated by fake users.

Ukraine mail order brides prices shouldn’t scare you away. These women deserve the best, so don’t even doubt about picking a fee-based dating service. Sign up and open a world of the most desirable ladies!

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