How Much Is A Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Cost?

by Sandra Nicolas
How Much Is A Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Let’s imagine you know everything about Ukrainian brides and, finally, want to get one. Then you need an advice on how to find Ukrainian wife and also how much does she cost ya. The answer to this question depends on what country you live in. Popular cities to find Ukrainian brides are Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro – there are actually a lot of them and the prices are almost equal. But what are the differences? That depends on what services you ask from a dating site.

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Every year, a non-married resident of an economically developed country spends on average about 12 thousand dollars on dates and related products.

For a resident of America, the whole process, along with getting to know and moving the spouse to his country, will cost at least $7,000. This amount can go up to $15,000 but it can be even more, depending on how exactly you will look for the bride. Some professional sites can charge up to $100,000 for an all-inclusive bride (but she must be really a jewel and manually searched for a high-society suitor by a team of people).

Ukrainian brides mail-order bride

The cost for Europeans is lower – it varies depending on how far your country is from Ukraine. You will not spend so much money on virtual communication. Before the wedding, on average 3-5 dates will be enough for you to know each other. If your goal is to save as much as possible, you can play a wedding in Ukraine. In the USA, the ceremony will cost at least $10,000 but in Ukraine – about $3,000 would be enough for the same-size celebration.

Expense list

So, what is included in the price of getting a bride once you have found her on a dating site:

  • Visa. Perhaps, this is the largest item of expenses, as it is related to documents, which are often very tough. For example, a visa to Australia can cost about $7,000 but this is the most expensive option on the list
  • Journey. The cost of tickets is more expensive for residents of America but Europeans can get to the future bride by car, train, ship, or bus, not necessarily by plane
  • A personal meeting. A date, of course, will be quite expensive. Your accommodation, flowers, and gifts, going to a restaurant or a movie – all this will cost some. In Ukraine, it is not customary to split the bill, so you will pay for your future bride in any case. A couple of weeks in the company with your girlfriend will cost about $1,000 at least (but it will depend on the classiness of your hotel, which can take 100-300 dollars for 1 night only)
  • Wedding. As we have already said, to celebrate a wedding in Ukraine is about 10-20 times cheaper than in America but it is always up to you. Remember also that it will be necessary to invite friends and relatives to the wedding, and the flight for them to your country and back, as well as hotel accommodation and other things, so it will be expensive.

Ukrainian brides bride marriage

It is worth remembering that online communication is also not entirely free. Membership in the online club, the cost of messages, virtual gifts – all of these cost money. Before starting this process, we strongly recommend you to study the price ranges. Perhaps, in your case, an order for the selection of a bride will be more humble – usually, this service costs from $5,000 in total but there may be no upper limit.