Japanese Brides – Are They Suitable For Western Men?

by Sandra Nicolas
Japanese Brides – Are They Suitable For Western Men?

The number of international marriages in Japan grew rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s, peaking in 2006 when more than 40,000 such marriages were concluded. Since then, their number has been declining and currently averages around 20,000 a year. Despite the decrease in their number, in Japanese society, interest in marriages with foreigners remains strong. The most

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popular cities to find Japanese brides are still Tokyo and Kyoto, as smaller cities are still more traditional.

Many, perhaps, believe that the image of Japanese wives in anime, manga, and films is quite idealized. Most likely, they are not as good as they are shown. But is this so? But what if the Japanese wives are so perfect?

Main differences

Filipino wife

For everyone who wonders how to find Japanese wife we are going to provide some basic info about her. To begin with, a definite difference between Japanese wives and foreigners lies in husbands’ employment. Quite often, the Japanese husband returns from work after 10 PM and cannot take a vacation for more than three weeks in a row. Husbands who have returned from work get very tired, and some of them have no opportunity to tell about their feelings or complain how little time they spend with their child.

Also, in Japan, communication at work has an impact on personal life. There is a tradition of appreciating relationships with work colleagues outside of working hours: for example, bringing subordinates home, going to corporate parties and golf on weekends. However, in the West, this is not requested from people.

It turns out that you can’t rely on a busy husband, and wives need to cope with their feelings about relations, with their mother and neighbors, at the expense of household chores and raising a child. If this situation continues for a long time, then there is a feeling of loneliness in a woman arises. Nevertheless, Japanese wives, who are doing all the housework, are serious about the education of children and watch after their beauty.

Recently, in Japan, there are more families where both spouses work. As they both work, household responsibilities are taken by both spouses. However, even in modern conditions, many people still believe that the wife’s work is raising a child and doing all household chores herself.

Japanese women have no equal in preparing beautiful bento every morning, similar to works of art. Unlike Western moms giving their child a sandwich bought in a store, Japanese bento is homemade! Moreover, this is not only boxed but also nutritious food that in addition pleases an eye with an abundance of colors.

Japanese women traits

  • The habit of not complaining. Japanese women are very patient. Unlike other girls, the Japanese wife will not look for a reason for a quarrel, because a good relationship with her husband is her goal. Of course, anyone can be pissed off but the Japanese woman will not specifically arrange a quarrel, because she wants to resolve any conflict peacefully. Japanese women have a special philosophy, which allows them to forgive a lot quite simply and quickly.
  • Friendliness and tact. For a Japanese girl, talking badly about her chosen one is tantamount to talking badly about herself. This has logic because the main essence of a relationship in the opinion of the Japanese people is mutual desire. If the desire ceases to be mutual, a Japanese woman will not take revenge or prevent her ex-man from building a new relationship. She will not show her bad feelings and will behave very dignified when leaving him.
  • Appearance. Japanese women look quite young and there are several reasons for this, among which are good genetics, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle. In general, Asian girls look younger than their years thanks to nutrition, so Japanese cuisine has become popular around the world because it is very useful, not to mention the taste.
  • Honesty. In the Japanese mentality, the attitude towards lies is very negative. If a Japanese woman does something wrong, she will not hide it. Otherwise, the discomfort will be very great. A Japanese girl knows how to forgive and ask for forgiveness, so it is quite comfortable to communicate with her.
  • Family priorities. In general, the Japanese woman considers the concept of a family as more holistic. Often, the husband’s relatives become closer than their own. This is because Japanese families are always ready for the daughter to leave for another family; therefore, despite being family-oriented, a Japanese girl is completely faithful to her husband and his relatives.
  • Role allocation. If a man works in Japan, he does not perform household duties. A man with a vacuum cleaner is the humiliation of a Japanese woman as a woman. Of course, now many things have changed, and women work, often on a par with a man but the Japanese woman believes that the organization of life is her duty. If a man takes the initiative, the woman will be grateful and will accept help but even in this case, the word ‘help’ does not mean a division of responsibilities 50/50.

The Japanese woman knows exactly what she wants and does not expect from the man everything at once. The absence of initially impracticable requirements and conditions contrary to common sense provides relations with a Japanese woman a high degree of stability.

You wonder how much does it cost to order a Japanese bride? It depends on many factors but the price is about USD 5,000 so it’s pretty available.