How Much Is A Colombian Mail Order Bride?

by Sandra Nicolas
How Much Is A Colombian Mail Order Bride?

Clutching to your new-found love on a soft settee with your kids running around the living room. Nothing beats this experience! When you finally take your Colombian bride to the altar, in the presence of friends and well-wishers, exchanging vows sealed by the blessings of a Priest. Imagine such a beautiful scene. But as good as this sounds, you’ve got to go through the ropes. This write-up is to help guide you through what it takes in monetary terms to land your Colombian mail order bride.

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The Stages Involved in Getting a Columbian Mail Order Bride

Colombian mail order brides prices

Let’s begin by highlighting the phases you’ll go through if you’re wondering how to find a Columbian wife. You’ll spend in every bit of these phases. A little here and there. But it’s nothing beyond reason. They are and not limited to:

  • Searching for the best dating websites
  • Signing up on a plan
  • Filtering through the data of available mail order brides
  • Igniting a connection
  • Sustaining the connection through gifts giving
  • Getting a ‘YES’ from your would-be-bride
  • Getting an invite to visit her or bringing her over to your place
  • Accommodation and feeding
  • Transportation around the city
  • Other expenses to drive home your intentions
  • Travelling back to your country with your bride

First of all, you’ll surf the internet, read site reviews in search of the best mail order sites to start your journey.

Signing up on a plan

Some online dating websites charge users initially, for service use, while some free trials are given. Maximum for 7 days or two weeks as determined by website. Free trials periods are less operative, as it’s limited in the benefits that come with premium uses. The issue of scammers on the open-plan discourages most users. It’s better to invest more to get quality service. Membership costs between 1000 -15000 USD.

Filtering through catalogues and profiles

Catalogues and profiles of mail order brides are open for viewing at a cost as well. Some sites charge as much as 100-110 USD.

Igniting and sustaining connection

Some educated mail order brides can’t speak good English. You’ll need a translator service to talk to them on the phone or to send messages. To know more about your potential Columbian bride. The cost of having a translator to help out in telephone conversation costs an average of 5-6 USD per minute). This is together with the standard mobile data charges as established earlier. Buying and sending her gifts, letters, and flowers, amongst others, is also a way to fast track your relationship goals. But you’ll first need to buy her address. The cost of this is approximately 10-15 USD.

Having sustained an excellent rapport, then it’s high time you considered visiting her in her hometown. This is more advisable as opposed to inviting her over. Travelling to Colombia to see your mail order bride attracts flight costs depending on where you’re coming from.

Data, as culled from (, pegs these prices for accommodation, transportation, and shop items in Colombia.


Colombian brides cost

Most hostel dormitories cost between 9-14 USD for every night in many popular cities where you can find Columbian brides. In mini towns, the price may come down to 7 USD for a night.


The cost of local food ranges from 3-5 USD per meal. Some meals fall between 1.50-3 USD. But you may have to touch the countryside. Empanadas are cheap and go for like 0.06-0.15 USD. “Western” food takes about 6-9 USD each from your pocket. And if you think McDonald’s or Subway suits you right, prepare a 4.55 USD chicken feed.


Local transportation comes without heavy financial burdens. Medellin metro goes for 0.76 USDfor a one-way fare. You’d mostly find local buses, ranging from 0.30-0.80 USD in cost.

Travelling back to your country: Flight costs depend on where you are going. Estimates put these for as low as 326 USD and as high as 925USD ( This also depends on the month you’re making this trip and other airline peculiarities.

We hope this has been helpful to you. Now you can save up for your Colombia mail order bride. You’ll be glad you did!