What Is The Best City To Meet A Columbian Wife?

by Sandra Nicolas
What Is The Best City To Meet A Columbian Wife?

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Columbia is one of the most populous countries and is regarded as a megadiverse country. Colombia houses many cultures and patterns of life that are admirable and desirable in a wife. We’d explore some of the best cities in Colombia as the best places to meet a Colombian wife. They’re listed by their population so you can have a view of the largeness and the varieties that’ll be present in each of these cities. The list includes:

  • Bogotá – 8,181,047
  • Medellin – 2,529,403
  • Cali – 2,445,405
  • Barranquilla – 1,232,462
  • Cartagena – 1,036,134
  • Cucuta – 668,838
  • Soledad – 666,247
  • Bucaramanga – 528,610
  • Sopo – 544,997
  • Villavicencio – 516,831

Bogota has one of the most vibrant and fun cultures in the country. But as many have suggested and by evidence, it doesn’t have as many jaw dropping beauties as you would find in places like Cali and Medellin. Though, you’ll find many social ladies here, bold and willing to go all out to complement your desire for fun. Cali ladies are not just extremely attractive-they tend to speak reasonably fluent english.

And the place is less cold compared to some of the other names on the list. Barranquilla ladies on the other hand are very humble lots. Although their english may not be queen’s. If you could spit a little columbian with confidence, you’re likely to find the love of your life here.

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With each city possessing at least one major advantage over the other, how then do we determine which is the best on the list? We’ve used wider parameters tha beauty alone. How accommodating these ladies are also important you would agree.

Barranquilla is a strategic location between the cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta. They’re super accommodating and you can be sure to find exquisite beauties here. The night life is always pumping and buzzy. The city isn’t perfect but for finding Colombian brides, it’s your best bet. The warmth of the ladies, the heightened beauties with habits of humble reception, beautiful sights are on point. The location sees that you get to experience a mix of ladies from Santa Marta and Cartagena. For these reasons, we give it the crown.

Habits You’d Learn from Colombian Wives from The City of Barranquilla

Pointing at things with your mouth instead of your hands

Many Colombians practice this habit and it’s really easy to pick out because you don’t want to look weird. Unlike many other people who point out objects with their hands, Colombians point out things with their mouth. Your Columbian wife will do this.

Putting cheese into coffee and enjoying it that way

This is a regular thing in Colombia. Their cheese melts easily and it’s put into coffee or a hot chocolate drink and consumed that way. You’d have to try this with your Colombian wife.

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Showing affection in public

In Colombia, showing affection in public isn’t a big deal. As opposed to other places where you’d get the looks if you show too much affection in public, Colombians even sell porn on the street.

Learn to respect the elderly

Among the Colombians, the elderly doesn’t just refer to those considered elderly by age but also by position. They are respected deeply and held in high esteem. One definitely must not be found disrespecting them.

Try a pink sauce

This is a special Colombian delicacy enjoyed with snacks and seafood. A true delight!

Eating milk soup

This milk soup is a common breakfast among the Colombians. Yes, an actual milk soup made from eggs and milk. A great breakfast option that must be tried.

Drink a lot of coffee

Asides from being one of the top exporters of coffee, the Colombians drink a lot of coffee. This is one of the many things that will be easily picked up. From drinking it dark, this is common among the older citizens, the children are allowed to take their coffee with milk.

Try the national drink – Aguardiente

The Colombian National drink is called Aguardiente. Although, Aguardiente is used to refer to other liquors, Aguardiente actually means burning water. Don’t worry, that’s literal. It’s made from sugar cane and is a common drink among the Colombians. Colombian brides will definitely consume this drink.

Say no less frequently

In many places all over the world, saying no isn’t considered so much of a big deal. However, among the Colombians, it’s a big deal. This is because among the Colombians, it’s considered to be rude to say no. So, your Colombian wife wouldn’t say no and she won’t expect it from you either.

We hope this was extremely helpful. Whether in the pubs, bars or other places you least think of, you’ll meet Columbian ladies. They’re a true delight to the soul and will make a significant addition to your life.