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by Deborrah Cooper
Find Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides Online

Several thousand dating sites are willing to satisfy the desires of people in search of a lifelong partner. In recent times, however, the demand for these Russian gems have skyrocketed, which may be due to her beauty, grace, and charisma. The Russian mail order bride is the dream bride of many men all over the world. Some unique features make the Russian woman stand out from the rest of her counterpart scattered across the globe. Getting a Russian bride is one, keeping her is a different ball game. In this review, we’ll find out what makes the cute Russian girl the perfect mail-order bride.

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What makes the hot Russian mail order bride different from others?

She’s beautiful

The beauty of the Russian woman is her main asset. Asides from the Russian girls’ intellectual capacity, her physical features are a significant part of her person to consider. She’s up to date on every latest fashion trend. She goes the extra mile when it comes to her body. Good looks for her is good business.

She is strong

Russian women, as like Ukrainian brides, are strongly spirited, they are goal getters and do not give up. They stick to their goals and pursue them relentlessly.

Family Oriented

mail order Russian brides

The Russian woman is family-driven, although the Russian woman is career-driven, her family for her is a priority. In her culture, the man is seen as the provider while the woman is seen as the home keeper. She takes care of the children. She commits herself to her husband and is no way seeking equal rights.

Culinary Skills

The Russian mail order bride wouldn’t only add some spice to your image, she would also beef up your diet with her culinary skills. The cooking of the Russian mail order bride is next to none as they usually are taught right from childhood.

What does the Russian mail order bride want?

She wants to Be Loved

Due to the patriarchal system on which the Russian culture is built, the Russian men are more dominant and possessive and not as romantic as they ought. This has spiked the interest of the Russian woman in foreign men. Foreign men, especially the western men, are viewed as unrealistic. At the core of her strong desires are respect, love, and care.

She Wants a Responsible Man

Common to all women is to desire a man who is responsible, dutiful, and have a grasp on their lives. The Russian woman wants no liability. This isn’t her fault as she was raised to see men as the bearer of the family responsibilities regarding finances and as well the leader of the house. She expects protection from her man.

get married to a Russian woman

If you’re willing to get married to a Russian woman, be prepared to:

Learn Russian

To build your relationship with your potential Russian bride, learning her language would be of great help. This would signal that you mean serious business and not there to play around. Although the rate at which English is spoken and learned is increasing in Russia, it cannot still be compared to other European countries. Learn how to say endearing words in her language.

Know Some History

Prove your ability and intelligence, by knowing and sharing with your cute Russian woman some history about her country and culture. The Russian woman likes her men intelligent and smart. She connects it with affluence, and she would be fascinated with your knowledge of her history no matter how little. Therefore read up!

Meet her Family

On the top list of priorities for the Russian is family. Therefore, if you are getting serious, after one or two dates, then you have to meet her family. It’s worthy of note that the traditional Russian woman would share no intimate moments with you until you go home with her.

Celebrate Holidays

The Russian woman is a hopeless romantic, she loves the special treatment. This is displayed in how much importance they place on holidays. It would help if you maximized every opportunity to fully convince the bride that you care for her and not against her. Treat her well, go snowballing, buy her flowers, buy her chocolates. This is a prerequisite even though she might not lay a demand. Failure to do this could be detrimental.

Pay Attention to Her Mood

The Russian mail order bride is particular about public display of affection. She naturally likes to hold hands with you in public places. Her face mirrors all her emotions.

How to order a mail bride?

mail order Russian bride cost

It might not be so easy to find a Russian bride if you stay far away from the country. This is why dating sites have been created to make the mail order Russian bride accessible. And within your reach. To maximize this opportunity, you must belong to a legal dating agency. Don’t settle for cheap or free dating sites, they scream trouble run for your life. Scamming is common with free dating sites.

Your first step to ordering a bride is to register. After registering as a member, you must create a profile, this is your identity and access board through which you see different brides. When you find your desired bride, you must establish a relationship through mails (this doesn’t take the place of you traveling to her country).

Russian bride prices depend on the girl’s city of living. Travel costs must be taken into consideration, this does not just entail the plane ticket but also the hotel and inter-state transportation costs. This may cost you more or less.

Translators aid the smooth flow of conversations between you and your bride. This vital factor necessitates their presence in the most trans-national relationship due to the language barriers that exist between the two parties. The service of a translator is dependent on his experience and expertise.

How To Find A Russian Bride?

Great painters fell in love with Russian women, they were always accurately identified among foreign women and they are constantly in the center of attention of foreign men who are fascinated by their true beauty, spiritual qualities, and several interesting habits. So what should you know about Russian brides? Moreover, we’ll say that there are some popular cities to find Russian brides – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg mostly but the truth is that the mentality of Russian women is almost the same no matter if they are from big or small cities.

Distinctive features

Russian bride

  • Russian women, in contrast to Western women, by the age of 25 seek to get married and change their status from bride to wife. Often, for this reason, spontaneous marriages occur, an integral part of which is the birth of a child or an early divorce. Abroad, girls begin to think about a wedding from 30 to 35 years old and plan their first child by 40 years, when, in their opinion, the best time of life begins – a career is built, financial well-being is achieved and nothing distracts from devoting oneself to the family.
  • Russian women amaze foreign men with absolute indifference to feminism that dominates in many countries of the world, believing that the patriarchal system of relations is much more acceptable for a harmonious life. Educated, strong and independent, they are always looking for a partner, next to whom they want to feel like behind a stone wall that surrounds them with care, opens doors in front of them, pays in restaurants, etc.
  • In the understanding of Russians, a man is a breadwinner, and a woman is the keeper of the home, so it is almost impossible to build relationships with her based on a separate family budget and joint management of the household. The husband is obliged to provide for the family financially, and the wife, despite her possible job she is having, is obliged to keep the house in order and cook delicious dishes.

Russian girls: Pros and cons

Russian brides for marriage

However, this coin has a second side, which is called manipulation. Russian women are often accused of wanting to control their men. Creating the image of an obedient wife, they try to take the reins of government in the family. Such an undercover fight is extremely annoying for both Eastern and Western men, as the former expect humbleness from ladies, and the latter are used to building open relationships based on partnership.

How much does it cost to order a Russian bride? Difficult question. It depends on the site you are searching for or an agency, the services of which you use. It ranges usually from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands.

Foreigners are attracted to the Russians by their ability to support housekeeping and to fulfill all the duties of a housewife alone. Russian girls, remembering the saying that “the path to the man’s heart lies through the stomach”, like to cook a lot, varied and tasty, giving pleasure to their men. They consider it natural for women to do house cleaning, washing, ironing. Ladies from Western countries, on the contrary, prefer to use the services of cleaning agencies to put things in order, while semi-finished or fast food is preferred to healthy food.

Another characteristic feature of the Russian young ladies is their spontaneity and unwillingness to live according to a schedule planned for a long time ahead. They are capable of breaking away from their place of habitat at any time and embarking on an adventure to unknown lands. They excite foreigners with their readiness for bold and unbalanced adventures that bring zest to life.

The only person who can make adjustments to the laid-back life of a Russian woman is a child for whom she can abandon everything else. With the birth of children, the family life begins to obey the daily routine, and motherhood becomes the main path. Moreover, the Russians are not used to the fact that a man can share with them the care for the baby.

Also, foreign men are struck by the passion of Russian women to look feminine, sexy, and smart always and everywhere.

Things not to do to a Russian Mail Order Bride

  • Never refer to a Russian woman as an old woman. She prefers to be called a “devushka”(young woman)
  • Never reject a drink or food from the bride’s family because it is termed rude

How to know your Russian Woman wants You Long Term?

  • She tries to find out more about you
  • She visits you at your place
  • She gives keen hears to things concerning you


If you seek to have a bride who would build a relationship with your children and family, then the Russian mail order bride is for you, as you must have seen from the review. As much as you meet your mail order bride, be sure to commit to the entire process full time. Get your motives right. From us to you, it is good luck in finding your perfect Russian mail order bride.

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