What Are The Japanese Cities With The Hottest Women To Meet?

by Deborrah Cooper
city in Japan with the most attractive women

Searching for a Japan city with the most beautiful girl? You’re in the right place because this article covers all the necessary information. If you decide to look for a Japanese wife, you need to pay attention to several key cities. The mentality and behavior of females from a large and a small town may differ–this is normal. You’ll notice how they behave, express their opinion, look at a relationship, and even charm men. What are the Japanese cities with the hottest women? Are local ladies easy to get? These questions are important when you search for a potential partner. So, let’s find out more about Japanese brides from various areas!

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The best cities to get girls in Japan

What is the best place to meet local women? Choose any of the following cities:

Best Cities To Meet A Wife In Japan


According to statistics, Tokyo is the most populated city in the country. Of course, there’re many girls here–beautiful, feminine, attractive, and open to communication. It’s one of the best cities to meet a wife in Japan because there are many single ladies here. Local women are more Europeanized, so they easily start a conversation with foreigners and show interest, but at the same time, retain the peculiarities of their mentality.
About 10,000 marriages committed annually with Japanese women and foreign men involve females from Tokyo. When talking to a girl from this city, remember that she’s a little patriarchal. She wants to feel her importance on a par with men, despite maintaining the traditions of the local mentality. How to find a Japanese wife in Tokyo? It’s easy since ladies are available on dating sites.

Japan city with the most beautiful girl


Shibuya is a beautiful suburb of Tokyo, which is different from the capital. There are a lot of girls here, and they’re all trendy. This place is considered the most unusual in terms of style. If you like not the most canonical Asian women but modern ones with a special touch, then try to find a Japanese wife here. Local females searching for potential partners are quite young–they’re 25 years old on average.



Takayama is another popular city in Japan with the most attractive women. This is a fairly small and traditional town In contrast to the bustling Tokyo, here, you can find a girl who seems to be created according to all good stereotypes about Asian females. Obedient, skillful, and humble ladies are found in this place. They’ll surprise you with their characteristics. Locals willingly date on the Internet and are in no hurry to get local husbands–there are only about 30-40% of such marriages.

Japanese Cities With The Hottest Women


Shizuoka is a provincial region. However, it’s an excellent place for finding a Japanese wife since there are a lot of unmarried girls of different ages here. So you can easily meet a lady suitable for you.
By the way, it’s quite inexpensive to look for a partner among local women–if you’re wondering how much does it cost to order a Japanese bride, then the initial price is around $5,000, but can be even lower. Shizuoka girls aren’t spoiled and often want a large family with many children–perhaps, this is exactly what you need!

best cities to get girls in Japan

Can you find Japanese brides from the best cities online?

Thousand times yes! A Japan city with the most beautiful girl is overcrowded with progressive ladies who adore dating sites. Besides, most of them speak English at a good level, so your conversations will be meaningful and enjoyable. Local women love to communicate with guys from abroad, and that’s why you don’t have to be afraid of making the first step. They’re rather shy to take initiative. Thus, you can be a hero who begins sending messages to pretty females.
Why don’t they want to date Japanese men? Well, every girl has her reasons to search for love with a guy from overseas. Local guys aren’t that bad. However, they often don’t pay enough attention to their women. They don’t notice how gorgeous the ladies of Japan are. Such a situation makes many females register on international dating platforms. By the way, you can essentially benefit from these circumstances and find real mail order brides online.

How do you get a Japanese bride to notice you?

Now that you know what city in Japan has most attractive girls, it’s time to find out that these ladies are pretty hard to get. Sometimes even your best photo can’t help attract them. Use the following tips to succeed in online dating:

meet a wife in Japan
  • Add a few action pictures. If you play basketball or ride a motorbike, use it. A Japanese woman will be impressed by your hobbies, so she’ll definitely pay attention to your profile.
  • Learn a few Japanese words or ask a girl to teach you. Your interest in her language and culture will be beneficial for you.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Japanese traditions. A woman will be impressed by your intelligence and curiosity. She’ll understand that you really want to find a wife in Japan.
  • Ask her questions. Sometimes guys talk only about themselves and their achievements to get a girl. However, you need to remember that women don’t like guys who think they’re the center of the Universe. Let a lady tell you about books and movies she prefers, her interests, job, childhood, and even family. She’ll appreciate your desire to get to know her at a deeper level.
  • Organize a video call date. If you’re searching for Japanese girls online, you’ll have to go creative to win their hearts. Use a webcam to see each other and feel as if you’re meeting in person. Pick a perfect timing together, clean the space that might be observable, and prepare something interesting. For example, you can play a game, simulate a dinner, or enjoy cocktails together.

Remember the best cities to get girls in Japan and find local women online! They can’t wait to meet an interesting guy who is ready to fall in love.

Deborrah Cooper
Columnist and Relationship Expert
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