What Is The Best City To Meet A Wife In Japan – Tokyo Or Small Cities?

by Sandra Nicolas
What Is The Best City To Meet A Wife In Japan – Tokyo Or Small Cities?

If you decide to look for a Japanese wife for yourself, you need to pay attention to several key cities. The mentality and behavior of girls from a large and a small city may differ – this is normal. Let’s find out more about Japanese brides from various cities!

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Top cities

marrying a Japanese woman

  • According to statistics, Tokyo is the most populated city in Japan. Of course, there are many girls here – beautiful and feminine, attractive, and open to communication. There are many single girls in Tokyo. Japanese women in the capital are more Europeanized; they easily begin to communicate with foreigners and show interest but at the same time retain the peculiarities of their mentality. About 10,000 marriages of all that are committed annually with Japanese women and foreign men are with girls from Tokyo. When talking with a girl from Tokyo, remember that she is very little patriarchal. These girls want to feel their importance on a par with men, despite maintaining the traditions of the Japanese mentality. How to find Japanese wife in Tokyo? It’s easy since girls are available on the dating sites.
  • Shibuya is a beautiful suburb of Tokyo, which is different from the capital. There are a lot of girls here, and they are all trendy. This place is considered the most unusual in terms of style. If you like not the most canonical Japanese women but modern girls with a special touch, then try to find a bride here. However, remember that the age contingent here is quite young – there are girls of 25 years old on average.
  • Takayama is another popular place. This is a fairly small and traditional city, in contrast to the bustling Tokyo; here you can find a girl who seemed to be created according to all good stereotypes about Japanese women. Obedient, skillful and humble girls are to your taste; Japanese women from Takayama will surprise you with their character. Locals readily meet on the Internet and are in no hurry to get local husbands – there are only about 30-40% of such marriages.
  • Shizuoka – this is a provincial region. There are a lot of unmarried girls of different ages, so you can easily find a lady suitable for you. By the way, this is quite inexpensive – if you are wondering how much does it cost to order a Japanese bride, then the initial figure is around $5,000 but can be even lesser. Shizuoka girls are not spoiled and often want a large family with many children – perhaps, this is exactly what you need!