What Is The Best City To Meet Filipino Wife – Statistics

by Sandra Nicolas
What Is The Best City To Meet Filipino Wife – Statistics

The Philippines has long been synonymous with paradise for those who want to find a faithful and obedient wife. However, it all depends on the place of search – if you know exactly where to look, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that you can quickly win a girl that suits you. The Philippines consists of 7,000 islands, so choosing the right place may not be so easy if you are a beginner and don’t know much about Filipino brides. So, we will discuss several cities that deserve your attention.

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Top cities for exploring the Philippines

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  • Manila. Of course, the capital looks very attractive, if only for the reason that there are a lot of girls here and the choice is great. However, do not forget that many come to Manila to earn money. This means that the girls here are more focused on financial gain, and less interested in finding a family. Nevertheless, metropolitan Filipinos are very beautiful and attractive; they are quite educated and often speak excellent English. The easiest answer to the question about how to find Filipino wife is go to Manila – more than 60% of all mail order brides live here. But do not forget that this is a criminal and poor city, without sightseeing.
  • Cebu City. This city is located in the middle of the country. If you want to take a trip from Manila, you will have to take a plane. This is also a fairly large city on a capital scale but it is more comfortable even for tourists. There are not many people here but there is always something to do; moreover, it is cleaner and more beautiful. Here you can meet a local girl who knows exactly what she wants. The girls are quite conservative but open to communication and speak English in most cases. If your goal is not just to have fun and have a good time but also to get to know this country and get to know a girl for a long relationship, then pay attention to the streets distant from the center. There you will find lovely local areas where calm and nice girls live.
  • Makati City. Another big city where you can meet a suitable girl. The choice here is quite large, the girls are young and very modern; therefore, they are open to communication. This city is quite noisy, there is a high crime rate but the Philippines is a poor country, so this is not surprising. But the views of local people are largely liberal and you can feel the Filipino hospitality on yourself.

The last question is how much does it cost to order a Filipino bride. The price starts from around 3,000 USD so estimate your possibilities wisely.