Guide To How Much Does A Mexican Mail Order Bride Cost

by Deborrah Cooper
The Mexican Mail Order Bride How Much She Costs

Mexican mail order brides prices may vary depending on many factors, such as membership cost, dating period, traveling expenses, etc. The first thing you have to remember is that finding a beautiful girl from this country is easier than ever. The practice of seeking love through the Internet has become popular in the ‘90s and remains widespread nowadays in the USA. Modern sites provide you with useful options to make your search effective and convenient. So, how much is a Mexican bride? Keep on reading to find out the answer!

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Who is a mail order bride?

A mail order bride is a woman willing to find love and settle down with a foreign man. She might desire to have a better life outside her country as many people suffer from poverty in Mexico. You must, however, note that she’s not a commodity or a business transaction. Like every other lady, mail order brides want to feel affection and start a family.
Unfortunately, many stereotypes and rumors surround these girls. Myths stating that a mail-order bride does it for the money are far cry from the truth. Of course, Mexican females have their reasons to look for love online, but they don’t care about your financial situation. Ladies strive to meet reliable men who would make them happy. According to Marcia Zug, the author of ”Buying a Bride”, mail order marriages are beneficial and liberating for women.

Mexican Mail Order Brides Prices

Why do Mexican mail order brides want to date foreign men?

There are several reasons why a mail order bride wants to find love overseas. Some of them are listed below:

  • To find a man who would love her.
  • To get stability and support.
  • To build a family.
  • To change her life.

What is the a Mexican mail-order bride cost?

A mail-order bride isn’t a commodity that can be bought as earlier stated. You aren’t purchasing a woman. You shouldn’t be shoving your money in her face or bossing her around at first meeting as it would be equal to utter failure in your pursuit of love.
However, you’ll face some expenses during your romantic journey. Nothing worth having comes easy: true love is free, not cheap. The cost of a mail-order bride depends on the following factors:

Dating agency

The bridge between you, your mail order bride, and best place to find a wife in Mexico is the dating platform on which she’s found. Such a site can be viewed as a world on its own, where you’ll find diverse women, including Asian, European, Latin, and Slavic, and Mexican brides for sale. The Internet allows removing disparities between people and places.
To find a Mexican mail-order bride on a dating site, you must first register. A membership will cost around $10-$30 per month or more. Many platforms sell credit packages–prices start at $3-$4. Free services are a complete no-no as you can fall victim to a scam. Paid options include: communication, search options, virtual gifts, stickers, and other features. These features make seeking Mexican brides for sale convenient.

how much does a Mexican mail order bride cost


To find out if you and the bride share chemistry, you have to travel down to the bride’s country to see her in person. This can also be organized by the dating agency. A round trip from New York or Washington to Mexico City will cost approximately $450.


If your girlfriend can’t invite you to her place, a Mexican mail order bride cost will include an apartment. The price of the cheapest room at a good hotel starts at $17.

Real-life date

Since you’ll stay for a while with your woman to get to know each other closer, it’s necessary to prepare for different expenses. You might like the idea of giving her presents, organizing a creative date with musicians, or taking her for a romantic vacation. For example, a dinner for two at a good restaurant costs around $35, a cappuccino–$2, a bottle of wine–$10-$20. Of course, you’ll find lower and higher prices, so it’s up to you how to impress a lady.

Fiancee visa

Once you realize that you’ve found your soulmate, it’s time to propose to your pretty girlfriend. To get married in the USA, you’ll need to cover expenses connected with receiving a K-1 visa. How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost in this case? The approximate price is no less than $800.

how much is a Mexican bride


The ceremony and party can be budget or really expensive–everything depends on your financial situation and preferences. Of course, no one forbids you just to register your marriage and have dinner at a local restaurant. But your Mexican mail order bride may dream of a beautiful white dress, floral decorations, dancefloor, and music band. Besides, you both would like to capture the big day, so you’ll have to hire a photographer and videographer. The average cost of such a wedding is $20,000. So, if you’re searching for a Mexican woman for sale, take into account the celebration of the beginning of your family life.

Other possible expenses

There are other miscellaneous costs to be considered. You might have to cover the following expenses when searching for a Mexican mail order bride:

  • Dating assistant. The best services offer couples building their relationships online to hire a coach who would provide them with recommendations.
  • Real gifts. Many dating platforms have premium features allowing men to order present delivery to surprise their mail order brides. You can choose an item from the offered catalog, including a toy, bouquet, sweets, etc.
  • Translator. If a girl doesn’t know English, you can use online tools on a dating platform. But what to do if you’re planning to visit her? Get in touch with customer support and ask a manager whether the service provides members with professional assistants knowing languages. The best agencies help people searching for love overcome this barrier.
  • English classes. Naturally, if your girlfriend doesn’t know the language, she’ll have to learn it to communicate with you and live in the USA. You should hire a tutor to enjoy a relationship with your Mexican mail order bride and help her adapt in America.

These are only the most widespread expenses. You’ll also have to buy clothes, flight tickets, medical expenses, etc. But each penny is worth it.

Mexican Mail order brides don’t come with specific costs. It depends on what advantages you have and factors to deal with. If you can speak her language, for example, that means the cost of hiring a translator is tossed out. Before you go flaunting your money, make yourself attractive, and don’t forget about chivalry. Note that you won’t value love in case you believe you can buy it with cash. The combination of dignity and wealth would get you a perfect mail order bride. So, register on a dating platform to find your other half!

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