The Mexican Mail Order Bride: How Much She Costs?

by Sandra Nicolas
The Mexican Mail Order Bride: How Much She Costs?

Unlike the days past, finding one’s true love was a difficult task. A site visit these days would leave you with as many options as you so desire. The practice of searching for mail order brides can be traced to as far back as the ’90s. Springing up in the United States as at the time of the American Frontier. The internet has helped this art gain more ground.

Most Popular Mexican Mail Order Brides Sites

Most Popular Choice
Latamdate is a dating site that offers its services to over 3 million members with an interesting interface and decent privacy.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Latin Beauty Date
Latin Beauty Date - Online dating for single people looking to connect
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Latin Woman Love
Latin Woman Love is a technology-rich site. The range of options and features can be a little overwhelming at first.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Colombia Girl
Colombia Girl is a great choice to find the perfect partner for a long relationship or light flirt. All profiles are verified, so you communicate with the lady you have chosen.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Latam Date
The Latam Date site ensures that you date online securely. Even though fraudulent elements are rare on the platform, that shouldn’t be the reason of giving out your sensitive details to a stranger
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Who is the mail-order bride?

She is a woman willing to settle with a foreign man outside of her region or nationality in a bid to find love or seek a better life due to the bleakness probably present in her country. You must, however, note that the mail order bride is not a commodity or a business transaction. Like every other woman, she wants love, affection and marriage. Myths have it that mail-order bride do it for the money, a far cry from the truth is what this is. According to Marcia Zug, who wrote Buying a Bride, mail-order marriages are beneficial and liberating for women.

Why do they want to date foreign men?

mexican mail order brides prices

There are several reasons the mail order bride wants to travel overseas to find love. Stated below are some of these reasons:

  • In a bid to find a man who would love her
  • The need for stability and support
  • To build her home
  • A lack of noblemen in her country

What is the cost of the mail-order bride?

The mail-order bride isn’t a commodity that can be bought with money as earlier stated. You aren’t buying a woman. You shouldn’t be shoving your money in her face or bossing her around at first meeting, this would equal utter failure in your pursuit of love.

However, in your search of true love, you would have to part with some of your money. There’s nothing of worth that comes easy: true love is free, not cheap. The cost of a mail-order bride is dependent on the following factors

Dating agency

The bridge between you and your mail-order bride is the dating platform on which she is found. The virtual dating site can be viewed as a world on its own. Where you find diverse women as you prefer varying from Asian brides, European brides, Latin brides and the Slavic brides. The choice of adopting dating power is the furtherance of the importance of the internet to remove disparities between people and places.

cost of the Mexican mail-order bride

To find a Mexican mail-order bride on a dating site, you must first belong to the membership of the agency. The price varies as it is dependent on the agency and whatever your choice is. Free dating sites are a complete no-no as you could fall victim of a scam.

Communication with Your mail-order bride

An essential part of getting yourself a mail order bride is communicating with her. This has to be done regularly and consistently. There are several channels through which you could talk. These ranges from a phone call, text messaging, to chatting via the dating agency through communication tools made available on the website, and social media, e.g., skype (this is free).


If you’re unable to speak the language of your mail order bride, then you must get a translator who would help bridge the communication gap. The translator’s price is dependent on his experience and expertise.


To find out if you and the bride share chemistry, you have to travel down to the bride’s country to see her in person. This can also be organized by the dating agency provided your membership fee covers. You would get yourself a visa and your bride too if you both are convinced to get married.

There are other miscellaneous costs to be factored. You should ask if these brides consider family priority and are expected to take care of their old, English classes, new clothing, and so on.


Mexican Mail order brides don’t come with specific costs. It depends on what advantages you have and the ones you don’t have favoring you. If you can speak her language, for example, that means the cost of hiring a translator is tossed out. Before you go flaunting your money, make yourself attractive, don’t forget chivalry. Note that you’ll not value love if you believe you can buy it with cash. The combination of dignity with money would get you your perfect mail-order bride.