Filipino Brides: Main Features That Distinguish Them

by Sandra Nicolas
Filipino Brides: Main Features That Distinguish Them

The Philippines is a well-known source of attractive women. The beauty of the Filipinos was appreciated by men around the world – these are girls with tanned skin, a beautiful figure, dark luxurious hair, and attractive faces. But by no means, only external beauty became the most important criterion for choosing Filipinos as one of the best wives. Learn more about the Philippine girls and find yourself a beautiful bride! By the way, popular cities to find Filipino brides are Manila, Angeles City, Subic Bay, and island of Luzon.

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Benefits & features of Filipino bride

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So how to find a Filipino bride? This is not so difficult – today many sites offer an assortment of young beauties who want to get to know foreign men closer. About half of all girls on the bride’s email order sites are Filipina. What are their main advantages?

  • Family orientation. Women from the Philippines are real experts in creating a family and raising children. They really value family ties, believe in the importance of maintaining them, and many of them put in the first place the ability to be a good wife, mother, and housewife. That is why the main thing that Filipinos value in men is their ability to be caring and reliable. From childhood, they grow up in an atmosphere of family and unity and seek the same in adulthood.
  • Friendliness. According to statistics, the Filipinos are at the top in terms of friendliness among all nations. This is confirmed by numerous tourists and those who are familiar with representatives of this nation. They are very hospitable, always ready to help and value fidelity and warmth of heart. Of course, there are exceptions but this feature is inherent to many girls.
  • Warmth. Filipinos are very open to foreigners. They easily perceive a different culture and flexibly adapt – this is another distinguishing feature of good wives. The Philippines are a rather poor country, so local women value the money and the opportunities that money provides. They are completely not focused on the maximum benefit financially but at the same time, they are able to competently manage even a small budget. This is another plus: even with a modest amount of money, a Filipino wife will always be able to cook a delicious dinner, buy clothes for children and not forget about a dessert. Moreover, they have great taste, even in conditions of limited choice. Having married a Filipina, it is best to give the family budget under her responsibility, and then you will always be sure that your money is not wasted.
  • Beauty. Be sure to say that the girls from the Philippines are extremely beautiful. They have a gorgeous figure and attractive face, they are fragile but at the same time, strong and sexy. You should pay attention to this because in comparison with Europeans, Filipina girls are much more pleasing to the eye. The Miss Universe contest seemed to be created for these girls – the Philippines won this contest 15 times! Thanks to good genetics and the ability to take care of themselves, Filipinos convey this beauty to their children. And in mixed marriages, children are even more beautiful!
  • Energy. The energy of a Filipino girl will pleasantly surprise you. They are warm and very good-natured, they love holidays and fill everything around them with positive energy.
  • Education. Filipinos may not have a college degree but they are very capable and talented. Most speak English fluently; they are easy with foreign languages. Often, they can sing beautifully.
  • Respect and loyalty. These are amongst the the main features of such girls. They are brought up in families where they instill a sense of responsibility and respect for elders; they are very loyal and tolerant. This is important when entering a foreign culture: a Filipino wife will most likely easily find a common language with your family and will be liked by your friends because she is very friendly and sweet. It is important for her to establish positive contact with others.

How to conquer Filipino girl

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How to find Filipino wife and how to make her fall in love with you? Just a few simple rules are enough:

  • Be natural
  • Be faithful
  • Appreciate her worth.

The Philippines are quite undemanding to their men. They value reliability and fidelity, naturalness, and comfort. With her man, the Filipina wants to feel protected and loved, and then she will surround him with care and tenderness. You do not have to spend crazy money on gifts for her – she is not spoiled and appreciates simple attention. For Filipinos, it is much more important to establish personal contact and feel personal warmth. About 30% of all marriages with foreign nationals in America are with residents of the Philippines (on yearly basis). These girls put family and comfort in the first place, and they ask not so much in return: only loyalty and care.

Filipino girls are often arranged to work as nannies in American families – they get along well with children, are very clean and patient. If your goal is to create a strong family, where harmony and love will reign, then they are your choice. How much does it cost to order a Filipino bride? It is worth noting that the Filipino bride is much cheaper than the Slavic or Asian bride. For some men, this is a significant plus, as you’re not going to lose in your wife’s ‘quality’ but spend less on getting her. The minimal cost for a bride from Filipinos is USD 3,000 – yes, that’s cheap.